"I had so much fun singing my heart out in a group where I felt safe.  It felt so good to sing in harmony with others.  Singing feeds my soul and I felt so alive after each class."

-Anonymous, Boulder, CO

"EACH class truly did lift my mood - I left feeling happy."  

-Anonymous, Boulder, CO

"THROUGH the Sing Your Song* course, my confidence level has grown immensely not just in my singing but also in my daily life I feel I am more myself."  -Nichola, Invercargill, New Zealand

"WHAT I have gained personally through the Sing Your Song* course is that I definitely (finally) feel proud of my own voice!"  - Tracy, Invercargill, New Zealand   

"WHAT I love about the Sing Your Song* classes is the real sense of interconnectedness that could be 
felt at the end of sessions."  -Penny, Invercargill, New Zealand

"THE Sing Your Song* [women's] course is a wonderful way to connect with self and women through the magical medium of music.  Very well organised and a compassionate, fun, empathetic and
wonderful teacher.  Thank you."  -Kate, Invercargill, New Zealand

* "Sing Your Song" is the former name of the Sing Yourself Happy course when it was taught in
New Zealand.  Same course, new name!​ 

MORE testimonials! 

     what We offer

  • Small group singing courses   for adults age  21+
  • Positive singing experiences to replace old negative memories you may be carrying around
  • Fun! Learning! Growth!  

"ASHLIE is really supportive, flexible, encouraging, and fun!  Excellent presentation and organization.  

Thank you Ashlie!" -Lynne, Boulder, CO


 Sing Yourself Happy, LLC





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         who we are

Ashlie Schares

(Teacher and founder)

B.A. Contemplative Psychology

Naropa University

Bachelor of Contemporary Music

S.I.T. (New Zealand)

Do you want to sing? 
...but feel shy about your voice?  

"ASHLIE creates a welcoming environment in which there is no right or wrong.  The joy is in the process, the exploration and the discovery." - Margaret, Boulder, CO

"I LOVED Singing myself Happy.  I always left class with a smile from ear to ear.  I met some beautiful people in class, and felt so comfortable singing in this group.  Ashlie was always supportive, encouraging and positive.

Thank you!" -Stephanie, Boulder, CO​

 "THE course has allowed me to feel much more confident in my ability to follow rhythm, hit notes, and sing in a group.  I also have developed a love of singing because of the way it makes me feel afterwards."   
-Timothy, Boulder, CO​


 Summer Session

May-July 2017


Contact us: (720) 975-4514  OR  contact@singyourselfhappy.com

 "Respond to every call that excites your spirit!" - Rumi

Sing Yourself Happy adult group singing courses are 
designed to gently help you increase your... 



​~Vocal skills

​~Enjoyment of singing

...while connecting with others in an

encouraging atmosphere.


Sat July 22nd!

1-Day INTRO Workshop for Adults 


Ashlie creates a supportive and fun environment in which she combines both her music and contemplative psychology training to encourage healthier ways of relating to our

voices and our creative ​selves with acceptance and playfulness. 

Group singing has been used in cultures throughout time to create a sense of connection, magic
and joy.  In more recent years, research has highlighted scientific reasons group
singing may offer benefits for both mind and body.


     who you are

  • Love to sing (in the shower)
  • May feel shy in front of others
  • Wish to feel more confident
  • Enjoy connecting with people
  • Open to experimentation
  • Ready to grow and have fun!

 Innovative singing courses for the hesitant- but eager- singer! 



1-Day Workshop for Adults

    Sat July 22nd, Noon-5pm

             Longmont, CO